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Organic marketing is far superior to paid marketing. Let your gamers promote your games on their own channels and watch word-of-mouth spread!

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Let your players do the heavy lifting for you with our viral marketing strategies

We incentivize gamers to conduct organic social media marketing for our clients, but you can add fuel to the flames and watch the results start pouring in

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Enabling viral marketing for your games means players are given the chance to earn more rewards by sharing that they are making bank by playing your games


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Once unlocked, we take care of the rest, but if you want to see even more results you can add a rewards budget. Organic posts get much more engagement than paid posts, and are much cheaper!

Monitor performance with our analytics tools

If you are taking advantage of our viral marketing solutions, make sure to keep an eye on performance using our analytics reports. Take as active or passive a role as you want!


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