$OGI Token

$OGI is a non-inflationary players driven economy utility token used as a rewards tool for loyalty and hour played

Token Economy

Game Studios

bring players, earn
Share of $OGI rewards


buy/sell gems and $OGI token, take
gems for royalties


store and stake rewards
in gems, lock $OGI
token out of the market

The Ecosystem

For Gamers

$OGI tokenomics are based on time, the universal currency. Player rewards are based on simply playing games. Whether the players win/lose or even have fun is irrelevant, so long as they actually play.

Rewards are paid on an hourly basis, calculated by seconds played, and are granted in the form of “flakes” which are backed by the $OGI token. Flakes are redeemed for tangible prizes like Amazon gift cards, Spotify songs, and more. Flakes are small and blow away after thirty (30) days if not properly saved. To accumulate flakes over time, players need to forge their flakes into “nuggets”.

For Game Publishers

Games studios participate in the network with a net benefit, zero-cost, and earn rewards along with their players. They bring with them access to their players and get exposure to all the other participating games player bases.

For Crypto Traders

Crypto traders can leverage the gems as a store of value backed by the player community demands for storing essences and the double layer of gem liquidity, underlying $OGI token and the dedicated gem LP. Crypto traders also benefit from the ever decreasing supply of $OGI as the community converts it into gems. 

Crypto traders can also leverage the gem staking opportunity and participate in the gem dedicated liquidity pool to reap part of LP fees.

About Gems

Gems are actually liquid NFTs – they can be redeemed for their underlying token liquidity. Creating them means locking $OGI out of the market. As players earn rewards and store it in gems, there is ever less $OGI available on the market with a constant need for storing. Players can accumulate in gems until redeemed to acquire prizes.

For the Ecosystem

$OGI token economy dynamic does not depend on an ever increasing number of participants. It relies on constant storage/redeeming of gems even with a plateaued or decreasing player community. This creates a constant deflationary pressure on $OGI meaning that the same amount of trading volume will create demand on an ever smaller supply until balance is reached between storing vs redeeming , in-game and crypto traders buys vs traders sell. Gem generations ensure there is always the possibility of storing $OGI in ever smaller gems creating a healthy price range for all players and traders budget.

  • Native Ledger
  • Name
  • Symbol
  • Decimals
  • Type
  • Initial Supply
  • Maximum Supply
  • Mintable
  • Burnable
  • TBD
  • The One Game Token
  • $OGI
  • 18
  • ERC-20 standard token
  • 1,000,000,000,000
  • 1,000,000,000,000
  • N/A
  • N/A