A Saga is a rewards cycle.

Gems come in 8 generations, each called a Saga. Gems from later generations contain less $OGI than those from earlier ones. This ensures gem availability as the network scales and assures low priced gem availability as the value of gems from older generations grows.

Merging gems and the “magic chest”

Gems can be used to “harvest” rewards overtime for players while they are not playing. To do so, players need to store a gem, preferably their biggest and highest generation one, in the “Magic Chest”.

The higher level and higher the generation of the stored gem, the bigger the harvested reward size. Players can only store one gem at any given time, so to make it bigger, players can merge gems of the same generation and same level

Gem Generations

Gems are not created equal. Each gem has a generation and a level property. Each gem generation has a maximum of gems that can ever exist at the same time.

There is a potential of 8 maximum generations (approx 297B gems) that can be created with the current technical limitation of smart contract technology. Each generation costs 32 times less $OGI token to create.

This ensures that gems remain available and with a value range through the scaling of the network even with hundreds of millions of players.

Gems for crypto enthusiasts

Gem creation needs the $OGI token to be locked, segregating it out of the available market. Gems can be redeemed for their locked $OGI liquidity. The two layers of liquidity ($OGI collateral/Gem dedicated LP), plus the community of players needing gems to store rewards, creates a healthy ecosystem.

Gem value is not based on rarity, art or hype but on its utility as a store of value and saving features for players. Gems can be traded on our AMM gem dedicated LP, like any custom tokens, thus keeping the $OGI locked.