Gaming Rewards

Earn rewards while playing your favorite games

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Token rewards

Tokens are the rewards you earn while gaming with Earnscape. They are awarded once you finish a session based on what you actually did.

Different games award tokens at different rates! Check each game to see what you earn for your time, and feel free to tell your favorite games’ creators to register with us so you can earn more!

Play-time rewards

The game you play determines the how many tokens you earn each minute. Tokens are added after you close a game and return to the Earnscape app.

Our system makes sure only time spent actually playing a game is credited. No cheating! Launching a game then putting your phone down and walking away pays nothing.

Get real prizes

Once you save enough rewards, redeem them for gift cards and any other items in the store within the app. More items are added regularly!

Our service providers allow you to exchange your tokens for dozens of gift cards, and marketplace integrations will enable you to buy almost anything with your tokens!

Own your earnings

Anyone can withdraw their rewards via blockchain to ERC-20 compatible wallets. All rewards withdrawn via blockchain are paid out in USDC, which is pegged 1:1 to the US Dollar, on our supported networks.

Reward withdraw requests are processed in batches daily, so do not worry if you don’t get your withdrawal immediately!

Maximize your rewards potential

New users start off with a monthly earning limit of 500 Tokens. To earn more, you need to boost your earning limit!

Thankfully, there’s many ways to raise your potential. Within the Earnscape app you can find tasks which boost your earning limit when completed.

Tasks are simple: refer a friend, play certain games, play for a certain amount of time… you get the idea! We’re constantly adding more tasks too and they refresh pretty quickly, so keep checking for more ways to increase your earning potential!