Increase hours played in your games with playtime rewards

You get more of what you reward! Hours played is one of the most important KPIs for any game and directly translates to more revenue

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Attract gamers and keep them playing
your games by offering more in rewards

We provide basic rewards to every game that can be downloaded to a
mobile device – put your games above the rest with
elevated reward rates

All games start off paying 0.5 “tokens” per minute, on us!

A token is worth about $0.01 USD and each one is backed by on-chain liquidity which we buy, sell, and distribute as needed. All liquidity is auditable in real-time thanks to blockchain technology.

Registering for a free account doubles the reward rate to 1 token per minute

All studios who create an account and register their games with us will have the reward rate for all their registered games elevated to 2x the base rate. No commitments, No hassles, more free rewards!

Supercharge your games’ rewards to 2 tokens per minute

All our paid plans offer supercharged game rewards as an add-on service. Ensure gamers spend their time in your games by supercharging the reward rate and beating the competition

Unlock the power of rewarded gameplay
and watch your time-played KPIs soar!