The most important KPI for any game is being installed!

Gamers can’t play your games if they don’t have them on their devices. Increase downloads and user retention with incentivized installations

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Get more downloads and increase
retention with installation rewards

If you let us manage your installation rewards, we’ll go with what
our data suggests are good KPIs. Take control of your rewards to
define what you want to see from your conversions

Set minimum retention time for installs before rewards are paid out

Most developers know that one of the major risks for incentivized installs is that the user will immediately uninstall your game. Eliminate that issue by specifying a minimum retention time

Establish play time requirements for users to earn benefits

Maybe a user installs your game and leaves it there… but never plays! What good is that? None! Fix this by requiring users to play your game for a while before getting their reward

No limit on the amount of installs you can incentivize

Set your own budget in-line with your existing CPA and pay nothing until your standards are met. Now you can guarantee high-quality conversions at lower rates by directly rewarding your gamers!

Experience more loyalty from your
new players through targeted rewards