Start earning rewards for playing any game on your mobile device

You read that right – now you can earn rewards for playing ANY game you download on to your phone

Earning is simple

Step 1 – Get the app

Step 2 – Open the app and launch games

Step 3 – Enjoy your rewards!

Don’t like crypto?

Our in-app store allows your to buy gift cards with your tokens!
Other items including precious metals are coming soon

What is $GODL?

And why are you sending me some when I withdraw my gold flakes?

Gold Flakes are backed by gold,
but have a fixed USD value

The gold backing the flakes is
stored on-chain as $GODL Gold

When you withdraw rewards, we
send the $GODL that backed them

$GODL is on-chain smart gold

Unlike most crypto tokens, $GODL is 100% backed by tangible assets. The
gold is stored in vaults, audited monthly

1) $GODL is rug-pull proof. The only way to rug $GODL is to bring down the entire Ethereum network. Otherwise, the liquidity is always accessible

2) Compared to other tokens, $GODL being backed by gold makes it pump and crash resistant. You’d have to manipulate the global gold market

3) Its design makes it 100% liquid at all times. There may be slippage on trading pairs, but everyone can always get the underlying gold out

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What is the “earning cap”?

And how do you increase it?

Everyone starts off with a maximum of
500 tokens they can earn a month

The average gamer won’t even notice the cap exists because they
will never hit it. Only avid gamers will care about it, but there are
ways to boost your cap higher and higher

Hitting the cap means no more rewards
until next month

Play time rewards stop accumulating once reaching their monthly
maximum. The limit resets at midnight UTC on the first of every
month, and rewards start accruing again