Get more launches by putting your games front and center

Out of sight, out of mind! Make sure your games are seen by gamers and not forgotten by increasing their visibility in our launcher

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Mobile gamers frequently play games
they see first rather than looking around

Since our launcher works for every game on a user’s mobile device, it’s critical that your games are showcased rather than the

Get your games listed as “Featured Games” highlighted at the top of the list

When gamers go to launch a game, they are shown every game on they have plus all “Featured Games” which they may not even have installed. Featured Game status means everyone sees your games!


Be seen on the pages of competing
games as a “Recommended Game”

When users select a game they want to play, they are first shown details about that game. These details include similar games they may like. Make sure your games appear in these lists!

Promote your games to the top of every list,
while suppressing your competition

Since these lists can get long, you want to be at the top. You also don’t want your players seeing your competitors' games on your games’ detail pages. Optimize your outcomes by securing top spots!


Reap the benefits of having your games at the
forefront of potential players’ minds!